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Deposit and Spend £20 using promo code SPLASH75 to receive 75 Spins on Big Bass Splash

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MrQ Review

MrQ Casino UK is an online casino that allows players to play casino games no matter where in the world they are. Of course, this doesn’t include people who live in areas where gambling is illegal in any form, and MrQ will not be responsible for any trouble you get into should you ignore this warning.

  • Exciting New Brand!
  • Award Winning
  • Free Bingo
  • Cash Prizes

 But, for players who live in areas where it’s acceptable, MrQ Casino UK is one of the best casino sites out there. With lots of different features, a whole host of games for players to enjoy and so much more, you can be sure that you are going to find something for you when you log on. Like most UK casino sites, MrQ is there to provide a service to customers that they are going to love.

Casino games before casino sites, could only ever be played when someone took the time to go down to a physical casino. These are the days of the past, as MrQ can provide you with all of your casino needs right there on the internet. It’s now at the tip of your fingers without even having to leave your sofa, which is a huge bonus. The general function of MrQ is to ensure that players can play the games that they want. Online there are a lot more options than when you head to a casino, so some people even prefer playing on this platform.

How to Create a MrQ Casino Account

  • Step 1: Select the "SIGN UP" option above.
  • Step 2: Hit "SIGN ME UP" on the site.
  • Step 3: State your username, email and password. Then, hit "NEXT STEP".
  • Step 4: Provide your name, DOB, phone number and address.
  • Step 5: If you have a promo code, enter it now before reading and accepting the site's terms.

You are done!

MrQ Casino Security

One of the top features of MrQ is security. You are not going to want to enter personal information, such as facts about your identity and your debit card, if you cannot trust that they are going to be protected. MrQ has layers of security in place to ensure that if it’s not you, they won’t get through. In some cases, this might mean that you are asked to provide additional documents to prove who you are, and they may ask you to prove that your debit card belongs to you.

Withdrawals at MrQ Casino

The last thing that you want is to wait for your money. Withdrawal times is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the short answer is that MrQ processes this quicker than most other casino sites. If you have a visa direct card, your withdrawal will take up to four hours. If you are using PayPal, it will take up to six hours. If you are using a regular visa or MasterCard debit, then it is going to take three to five working days to process your transaction. Once you have proven ownership of the card and your identity, you can then make a withdrawal of over £10.

Customer Service

Customer service is another one of the things that MrQ is getting right. We know that the last thing that you want is to try and get in touch with a company that takes days to get back in touch, and when they do aren’t very helpful. MrQ customer service is straightforward to use. Choose your contact method and then either write out your question or whatever you would like sorted. The responses from MrQ are generally pretty fast, so you won’t be left hanging around for days waiting to see what is going to be done.

Responsible Gambling with MrQ Casino

Casinos that are legitimate and interested in the well-being of their customers will always advertise and encourage responsible gambling. Most online casino sites have a number of different ways that you can stop yourself from spending a small fortune, and MrQ is no different. This ranges from having daily deposit limits that you can set to completely banning yourself from the site and the app. If you head into your account tab on the side of the screen, you will be able to look at these options if you feel as though they are necessary.

MrQ Bingo

One of the most unique things about MrQ for a casino site is the extensive amount of bingo that has been included. Not everyone wants to play poker, roulette or slots just because they are on a casino site. MrQ offers the chance for those people who want to play something that is totally down to chance. The experience at MrQ when it comes to bingo is award-winning, so you know that you are getting the absolute best. The games run all day long, and there is a wide variety to choose from, so we’re sure that you will find something that grabs your attention.

Unique Design

Another thing that can absolutely be said about MrQ is that it has an incredible and unique design. A lot of casino sites opt for a darker colour scheme, but MrQ has gone for bright and memorable. It works. Instead of the dark background colours that are designed to draw attention to specific parts of the site, this whole site is white and light blue. This makes it stick around in your mind for longer as it isn’t the same as anything else you have ever seen before.


MrQ Casino UK is owned by Lindar Media Limited, which is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the UK Gambling Commission. MrQ Promotions There is a range of different promotions running at any given time. Usually, when you join up, there is going to be some sort of promotion running, ensuring that you are able to get something for joining up with the site.

These are usually free spins on certain games or a deposit match which means if you put £10 in the account at first, they will add another £10. But it’s never possible to know what it is going to be at any given time, so it’s important to check.

Casino Games

There are a huge variety of games available to play at MrQ. There is a range of slot games on offer for those that gear towards this kind of thing, but there are also table games for those who prefer this. Whether you are interested in playing roulette, baccarat, slots or even Bingo, MrQ is the right place to do it.

Pros And Cons Of MrQ


One of the best things about MrQ is that they have such a wide selection of games for you to play. For example, not only do they have one bingo option, but they’ve got at least 6, maybe even more. This keeps things interesting and players wanting to come back for more. Having the opportunity to test out a variety of options and determine which ones you enjoy the most always makes things more enjoyable.

As well as this another pro of MrQ is that you don’t have to wait an obscene amount of time for your money. If you win, you will have your money as soon as is humanly possible, which isn’t something that a lot of other casino sites are concerned with.


One of the biggest problems of MrQ is that they no longer accept any kind of credit card. As such, you are going to need to use one of the approved methods to be able to deposit and withdraw from your account. While they might not accept credit cards, they do still accept PayPal and phone pay options that you might want to use. It’s still true to say though that the lack of payment options is a big con for MrQ.

As well as this the lack of live casino games is a little disappointing. The range of all the games as a whole is not that bad, but if you just look at the live casino games on their own, you can’t help but wonder where the rest of them are.

Is it worth making an account with MrQ and depositing your money on it? If you love bingo, then MrQ is the site where you are going to find the most options. There is a reasonable amount of choice, so you don’t have to play the same things every single time, and you can get your money quicker than most other casino sites. On the whole, it is worth it. Claim

Casino Bonuses from MrQ Casino

If you are interested in using MrQ Casino UK’s services, then you need to sign up for your free account today. Players are going to need their personal details handy to ensure that they put in their information correctly, and they are also going to need a debit card to add to the account. Once all of this is done, customers are ready and raring to go.

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Deposit and Spend £20 using promo code SPLASH75 to receive 75 Spins on Big Bass Splash 3.5 ★559 ratings, 0 reviews

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